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1/8/09 - Kesner Launch
Friends of SoHo Synagogue converge to support a new member operated boutique
5/17/08 - Gala Promo
Guests at a loft party discuss what SoHo Synagogue means to them
2/9/08 - SoHo Gives @ Ecko Headquarters
SoHo Synagogue launches 'SoHo Gives' with a benefit for an Odessa Orphanage
9/11/06 - FOX Report
FOX-5 talks about how SoHo Synagogue has helped Downtown 'Keep the Faith' after 9/11
6/8/06 - Benefit Scene
Some fun footage capturing the electric energy at SHS's 1000 guest benefit at 7 WTC
4/10/06 - CNN Report
CNN files this report entitled 'Marketing Judaism'
4/4/06 - NYT Report
The New York Times files a video report to accompany a Page 1 story on The SoHo Synagogue
4/5/05 - Mayor Starts 9/11 Torah
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg fills in the 1st letter of SoHo Synagogue's 9/11 Unity Torah
1/13/05 - Matisyahu Beatboxes
Before becoming fully famous, M drops by SoHo Synagogue for an intimate discussion


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